What We Have To Offer...

Web Site Design

interactive marketing group (img) together with our partners at Sephone Internet Solutions have a qualified creative team ready to develop an attractive web site to promote your business or service. From graphic design to interactive web site features, we have the experience to develop a creative web site to help advertise your business or service online.

Domain Hosting

img offers domain registration and hosting services which allows you to work with one company from start to finish. Online stats reporting, secure forms and rigorous backup procedures mean you won't have to worry about whether your web site will be up or down.

E-Commerce Development

img, together with our partners at Sephone Internet Solutions, excel at creating exciting, interactive web sites. This experience is critical for those businesses looking for more than just a "pretty" web site. Our experienced staff is second to none in the state of Maine when it comes to customizing your web environment to meet your specific business-critical needs. Need customized reporting to keep track of your online revenue? What about an easy-to-use interface which allows you to update your web site without having to have HTML experience?

We understand the power of the web and know how to tap it for your business needs. Our experience in diverse business-types allows us to provide skilled assessment of your online strategy. We pride ourselves on a strong working relationship with our customers to make sure they are completely satisfied with the product we create.

Web-based Business Services

Do you need to easily create customized coupons your customers can print from their desktop? What about accessing critical demographic information to learn more about your online customer base? Need a solution to manage a constantly changing inventory of your product online, but lack an in-house web staff?

img has examined the traditional barriers to Maine business owners and sought technological solutions to promote online sales. Since 1995, img has built upon its experience in online development and has created specific industry-oriented web-based business services to assist Maine business owners in the marketing of their product or service.

img is a Maine leader in developing inter-active business-to-consumer web environ-ments which boost online sales. The MaineGuide.com reputation and traffic helps direct buyers and sellers into niche industries by putting the power to market products in the hands of the business owner.

Our web-based business services provide the convenience on online administration through a simple browser. Each service is designed to capitalize on the power of Internet capabilities. Through administra-tion screens, each business owner can manage inventory, update web content and review site demo-graphic information to better understand their customer base. These simple, convenient tools help our customers supplement traditional marketing strategies.

Marketing & Advertising

When you place a web site online, how does anyone find it? img's experienced staff knows how to list your web site with numerous search databases and director-ies. Do you need to reach Maine's online community? img knows the Maine market like no other organization anywhere. Inquire today to find out how easy and affordable online advertising can be with img as your partner .